About us

Ecochoice are specialist suppliers of certified timber products. 

If you are looking for a material that is truly renewable, strong yet light, natural and recyclable but that will last you for many years, we can help you.

You can count on our quick service to locate and deliver sawn or machined timber components from the largest stocks of certified species available in the market – while worldwide FSC® certified timber producers also count on us as a partner to promote the sheer variety and complexity of their operation to the UK market from where we operate.

You will find our timbers in a range of projects - from Ekki in heavy harbour fenders to delicate British Cedar cladding - with end clients satisfied by using a product with an unmatched combination of physical, environmental and aesthetical performance. 

"Buying timber, as long as from certified sustainable sources, actually helps to save endangered forests." 
Mike Bekin, Brazilian MD of Ecochoice Ltd

At Ecochoice, we are passionate about supplying our clients with independently certified timber products while encouraging responsible and sustainable practices at the source level. 

For free advice (and samples) on how to incorporate certified durable hardwoods in your project please contact us

And here's why we agree with Monty Python's reasons on the far-far superiority of Wood over PVC: